The Ryan McGrath Band is a Madison, WI-based blues, country and rock band, deeply rooted in classic American music.

The perfect soundtrack for a cross-country road trip, the band draws its influences from blues legends and country greats. Featuring: Tom Pietras on drums, Rob Hoium on Bass, Paul Sabel on Harmonica, and Ryan McGrath on guitar/vocals.


Paul Sabel - Harmonica

An extremely gifted blues-trained harmonica player, "Tall" Paul Sabel's rare ability to combine polished blues licks with other music genres makes him a highly sought-after musician, having independently played in Chicago, St. Louis, and Memphis.


Tom Pietras - Drums

Tom Pietras began his career with jazz training but quit playing drums as a teenager, feeling too much pressure to play marching band.  Picking the drums back up again later in life, he played set alongside a young Ryan McGrath in the rhythm section at a local church.  Pietras' quick-handed playing and sensational sense of rhythm has been the driving force behind the band's new take on classic American music.

Ryan McGrath - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Ryan draws most of his inspiration and playing style from blues legends like Buddy Guy and Eric Clapton.  A virtuosic guitarist and talented songwriter with originals like "Angel," "I Had a Beer With Jesus," and "John Wayne, Jim Beam, and John Deere," Ryan has been writing songs since the second grade.


Rob Hoium - Bass

From Stoughton, Wisconsin, Rob has been playing bass nearly all his life. Having performed with several acts throughout his career, most notably Madison County, The Heart Attacks, and Razor's Edge (an AC/DC tribute band), Rob's solid, no-nonsense bass lines are a crucial backbone to the band's unique sound.